Gulf Job Seekers

Gulf Job Seekers is a leading recruiter helping people find new career challenges in the Middle East, and clients find a top candidate for their business. Our service is trusted by professionals from all sectors to help them with their recruitment needs.

Founded in 2020, we aim to transform the Middle East’s online recruitment space by using our innovative approaches that we’ve honed over several successful years in business.

Our team of experts have diverse backgrounds across different sectors, including technology, finance, marketing, sales and of course: recruitment.

The Opportunity Of Working In The Middle East

The Middle East offers a wealth of new experiences and opportunities for people willing to take the plunge and go for a job abroad. Working abroad provides an incredible opportunity to learn new cultures, meet new people and appreciate a completely different type of working environment.

The cultural change can be difficult for some, but we firmly believe that it helps to further your personal growth and increase understanding of working with different types of customers and colleagues.

In the last couple of decades, the Middle East has grown into a hub of opportunity for people looking to progress in their chosen career. Locations across the Gulf have developed into business hotspots that are attracting a wealth of top talent.

Why Move To The Gulf?

There is a demand for a skilled workforce in the Middle East, with various international corporations looking to build local offices, and several growing regional companies looking to recruit talented employees.

The Saudi government’s plan is to invest over $370bn to ensure Dubai continues to grow into the hub of business for the region. To ensure this is maintained, businesses will offer generous benefits packages and development opportunities to employees,

One of the main draws of the gulf is the tax-free salaries. Having no income tax attracts many hungry professionals looking for a serious payrise and a chance to live life more lavishly.

Most of the UAE earns a large proportion of their revenue through the oil industry, so they can continue to help businesses thrive by attracting skilled employees looking for a big payday.

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